How to to add more than 200 VM’s in machine catalog when using Azure as hosting unit

Add a custom property to the catalog properties.

  • Retrieve the existing custom properties of the catalog:

> Get-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName “catalog name”

  • Copy the Custom Properties XML to clipboard
  • Define a set of custom properties including the new property:

> $customProperties = ‘ copy updated custom properties ‘

  • Paste the XML between the ” characters above, and insert the text ‘<Property xsi:type=”IntProperty” Name=”StorageAccountsPerResourceGroup” Value=”7″/> into the property set, e.g.:

$customProperties = “<CustomProperties xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=”“><Property xsi:type=”StringProperty” Name=”UseManagedDisks” Value=”false” /><Property xsi:type=”StringProperty” Name=”StorageAccountType” Value=”Premium_LRS” /><Property xsi:type=”StringProperty” Name=”ResourceGroups” Value=”pmcs-6102-resource-group-2a,pmcs-6102-resource-group-2b” /><Property xsi:type=”IntProperty” Name=”StorageAccountsPerResourceGroup” Value=”7″/></CustomProperties>”

(don’t copy the above verbatim, it’s an example)

  • Assign the new set of custom properties to the provisioning scheme

> Set-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName “ProvisioningSchemeNameToEdit” -CustomProperties $customProperties


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