How to Troubleshoot Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) Registration Issues

Instructions and Installation (Select Cloud Health Check from the dropdown)


Introduction to Citrix Scout


  1. Check VDA functional levelCTX239687
  2. Confirm the Virtual Delivery Agent software is listed as installed and not corrupt. CTX227529
  3. Check for trust relationship with primary domain CTX227387
  4. Check required ports are open and not being used by other applications CTX227521
  5. Check Desktop Service is running properly CTX227530
  6. Ensure firewall not blocking VDA communication CTX227516
  7. Check VDA system time is within 5 minutes of Delivery Controller system time CTX227517

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

  1. On the VDA: Restart the Citrix Desktop service. This generates a VDA registration event in the event viewer. Look for Event IDs:
    • “Access this computer from the network” Event ID 1018
    • Citrix Cloud – Event ID 1022
    • TANIUM Security – Event IDs 1039 & 1116
  2. Ensure Anti-virus exclusions are configured correctly: Endpoint Security, Antivirus and Antimalware Best Practices
  3. Check DNS settings CTX235416
  4. Review Troubleshooting Tab in Studio: Verify the VDA is powered on.
  5. Examine the Delivery Group on Studio: After you create a Delivery Group, Studio displays details about machines associated with that group. Look for any “not registered, but should be” machine, review the Troubleshoot tab in the details pane for probable causes and recommended corrective actions
  1. Run the Connector Connectivity Check Utility. This should be your first step when troubleshooting Cloud issues

    See CTX260337
  2. Run the Citrix Cloud Health Check: Instructions and Installation
  3. Check common failures for DaaS (Desktop as a Service)
  4. Common Issues.JPG
  5. Check Network Infrastructure to verify all connectors are successfully connected. More information can be found in Product Docs



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