How to Update MCS created Machine Catalog to modify vCPU, RAM.

How to increase the VCPU of MCS provisioned machines


  • For Machines hosted in Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor. You must edit the Custom Properties value to change both RAM and CPU counts for the machines.
  • For Microsoft Azure, the Set-ProvScheme processes related to Disk changes below will not work on Azure-based machines. Citrix does support the changing of CPURAM, but any Disk changes will not be supported on Azure due to the nature of the disk implementation on instance types.

The VCPU and memory for a machine in the machine catalog is displayed in the Studio.

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To increase the VCPU follow the following steps:

  1. On the XenDekstop controller launch the Powershell executable as an Administrator
  2. Load the Powershell Snap-ins: asnp citrix*
  3. Run the command Get-ProvScheme “Name of Catalog to Modify VCPU”
  4. Run the command Set-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName “Name of Catalog to Modify CPU” -VMCpuCount “Number of CPU you want to add

In the image below, the VCPU is set to be 2.

User-added image

User-added image

In the Image the VCPU has been increased to 4 from 2

5. Similarly you can increase the RAM/Memory by running the below command –

Set-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName “Name of the catalog” -VMMemoryMB “Memory in MBs”

6. Run the Update catalog wizard from the Citrix Studio.

7. After the wizard completes the check if the VCPU has been modified or not either on the Citrix studio or using the Powershell

User-added image

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