How to update SAML certificate settings for Sharefile SSO using XenMobile

1. Once you have the renewed SAML certificate, go to the XenMobile server. Click on Settings > Certificate.

Please note: Do not include the certificate chain in the .pfx file, as this will prevent it being imported in step 2.

2. Click on Import. Set the options as per the below screenshot and import the SAML certificate. Input the password for the certificate and click on Import.User-added image

3. After this you need to reboot your Xenmobile server on all nodes for the certificate changes to be effective.

4. After the reboot, go to XenMobile > Settings > Certificates. Click on the new SAML certificate and select Export. User-added image

5. Export the certificate without the Private key.

User-added image

6. The certificate exported will be “certificate.pem”. Rename the file to “certificate.txt”

7. Open the file in a notepad window and copy the contents.

User-added image

8. Login to sharefile as the admin user and go to Settings > Admin Settings > Security > Login & Security Policy. Browse to the SAML configuration Basic Settings and paste the certificate contents to the space for “X.509 Certificate” field. See attached screenshot below:

User-added image

9. After this configure the other SAML settings based on your SSO setup.

10. Then go to XenMobile > Configure > Sharefile and configure the settings for the Sharefile account

User-added image

11. Once the settings are made, click on Save.


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