How to upgrade Citrix ADC? (Step-by-Step)

Note: It is recommended to upgrade to one major release at a time. For example, if your ADC is running 12.1, then the suggested upgrade path is 12.1 > 13.0 > 13.1.

Also, the upgrade is suggested to be performed via CLI(putty) rather than the GUI.

To upgrade your ADC, follow these steps:

  1. Open WinSCP
  2. Login to ADC using Winscp (SFTP protocol)
  3. Go to var/nsinstall: cd var/nsinstall
  4. Create a new directory and copy the newly downloaded build to that directory.
  5. Open a CLI session in putty for the desired ADC.
  6. Enter the new directory you create in step 4: cd var/nsinstall/<your newly created folder>
  7. Extract the .tgz file: tar -zxvf <filename.tgz>
  8. Run the update program: ./installns
  9. Wait for the installation and reboot.

Note: If your ADC is running on HA, upgrade the secondary first, then failover to the other ADC and upgrade it as well.

Once both ADCs are on the same version. You can repeat the steps to get to the next version.


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