How to Upgrade or Downgrade ShareFile Plan

Important! Only account administrators or users with the request plan changes permission may modify your account’s plan.If you are a ShareFile customer or a ShareConnect customer utilizing a Team Plan, you can change your ShareFile plan type.

Upgrade or Downgrade Your ShareFile Plan

    To change your ShareFile plan, complete the following steps:

    1. From the left pane, click the Settings icon. A dropdown menu is displayed.

    2. From the dropdown menu, click Admin Settings. The Admin Overview screen is displayed.

    3. From the Admin Overview screen, click Billing. The Billing dropdown expands with additional options.

    4. Click Update Your Plan. The Update Your Plan screen is displayed.

    5. From the Plan Type Dropdown, select the new plan. Your billing estimate will be indicated at the bottom of the screen.

    6. If you wish to change the billing cycle along with the plan, select the cycle from the Billing Cycle dropdown.

    7. Click Update Plan to save the changes.

    You may also enter your billing information in this menu if converting from a trial to a paid account. Click here for a detailed list of ShareFile plan types and the features available to each.

    Once you have requested a plan change, ShareFile support will review your request and email the billing contact on the account a confirmation of the changes. Fees for extra services or features, such as additional employee licenses, will be billed at the time of the order. You will initially be charged a prorated amount for the upgrade based on the number of days left until your regular billing date. Subsequently, you will be billed for all subscription charges on the normal billing date for your account. If you choose to cancel the extra features after your card has been billed for the month, you will not be reimbursed for the days you did not use the features.


    To the extent Customer subscribes to a Citrix ShareFile plan with unlimited cloud storage, Customer shall be entitled to 1TB of storage per User with the ability to increase upon request for reasonable use as intended hereunder.


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