How to Upload a Folder to ShareFile Using Internet Explorer

Note: Support for Internet Explorer browsers will end June 15, 2022. Please see compatible browsers for ShareFile access here.

Need to upload a folder? The Java Uploader Tool allows users on Internet Explorer browsers to upload a folder and all of its contents. Using the Java Uploader tool, users can upload folders up to 10 GB in size.

Note: This plugin is not available on Google Chrome or FireFox web browsers. (Google Chrome users can drag and drop folders directly into the web browser without a plugin.)

If you would like to upload folders without a plugin or web browser, try the ShareFile Desktop app!

Notice Regarding Google Chrome and the Java Plugin

As of September 2015, Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plugins such as Java. The Java Uploader cannot be used on Google Chrome web browsers. Click here for more information on Java and Google Chrome.

As of March 2017, FireFox no longer supports NPAPI plugins such as Java. The Java Uploader cannot be used on the latest versions of FireFox web browsers. Click here for more information on Java and FireFox.

Download the latest version of Java

In order to use the Java Uploader Tool, you must have the most recent version of Java installed on your computer. Click here to download the latest version of Java.

The above link will open the Java download page. Click the Free Java Download button. Java will automatically detect your browser and operating system. Once Java has been downloaded and installed, your browser should identify it as a plugin and enable it by default.

Use the Java Uploader

To upload a folder via the Java Uploader, access the Action Button and choose Upload File.

Click the Switch to Java Uploader button as shown.

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If you have accepted the Java security prompts and your browser is not blocking access to the plugin, you can use the Java Uploader field to upload a folder. Simply drag your folder into the field or use the Choose Files button to select your folder from its location on your computer. The folder and all of its contents will be uploaded.

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Java Security Prompt

If you are using the Java Uploader for the first time, you may need to launch the Security Warning manually. Click the Launch Security Warning button when prompted. Some web browsers may ask if you wish to run the Java plugin. Depending on your browser or company computer’s security settings, you may need to “Trust” or “Allow” the Java plugin to run in order for the Uploader to launch.

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Error: Java is not installed or enabled

Your ShareFile account will display an error message if you attempt to use Java when it is not installed and/or not enabled on your web browser: If you are receiving this error, your version of Java may be out of date. Click here to download the latest version of Java. To update your Mac’s installed version of Java, click the apple icon in the top left of your screen and then select Software Update to install any available Java or system updates. If your Java version is up to date but you are still receiving the error, the plugin may be disabled in your Browser Settings.

To check if the plugin is enabled on your browser, access the plugin menu using the following steps:

  • Internet Explorer: Click Tools and Manage Add-ons
  • Safari: Click Help and Installed Plug-in

Do you support my version of Java?

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Java is a third-party tool that receives regular updates. Java is a software platform with a set of System Requirements separate from that of ShareFile. Click here to view the full list of System Requirements for Java. In addition to Java’s browser platform, browser version, and operating system requirements, Java versions also include security settings that can have adverse effects on your ability to use Java in web applications such as ShareFile.

As a result of Java’s regular updates and evolving system requirements, it is possible that Java may cease to function properly on your computer. Discrepancies caused by the Java platform are outside of ShareFile’s control and can impact ShareFile’s Java Uploader tool. Click here to view Java Troubleshooting Tips.


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