How to Use Policy Based TCP Profile in NetScaler

Note: Policy based TCP profile is not present in 10.x. It is only available from 11.0 64.x and 11.1.

How to configure policy based TCP profile in NetScaler

Consider the following requirement in a customer deployment. Customer has 3G/4G subscribers, all the 3G subscribers are coming through VLAN-1 and 4G from VLAN-2. Based on this parameter, we can give different TCP profile to these clients.

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Using the APPQOE policy we have created two policies based on VLAN IDs. The action configured for APPQOE policy will select the profile for the subscriber traffic. On getting the request from client, policy evaluation happens, based on the VLAN ID, corresponding TCP profile is used based on the APPQOE action configured. For instance, in the below configuration when 3G traffic comes in to NetScaler using VLAN1, the APPQOE policy “appqoe_3G” is hit and the corresponding action “action_3G” with 3G_profile is applied for the session.

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  • add appqoe action action_3G -tcpProfile 3G_profile

  • add appqoe action action_4G -tcpProfile 4G_profile

  • add appqoe policy appqoe_3G -rule “” -action action_3G

  • add appqoe policy appqoe_4G -rule “” -action action_4G

  • bind lb vserver tcpopt_traffic_manager -policyname appqoe_3G –priority 1

  • bind lb vserver tcpopt_traffic_manager –policyname appqoe_4G –priority 2

Policy based TCP Profiles using configuration utility

Navigate to AppExpert -> AppQoE

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APPQOE Policy Examples

Some examples for APPQOE policy that can be used for other parameters like source IP, HTTP parameters, subscriber specific information are as follows,

TCP/IP specific rule :

add appqoe policy <name> -rule “CLIENT.IP.SRC.EQ(” -action <action-name>

HTTP specific rule :

add appqoe policy apppol1 -rule “HTTP.REQ.URL.CONTAINS(“5k.html”)” -action appact1

add appqoe policy apppol2 -rule “HTTP.REQ.URL.CONTAINS(“500.html”)” -action appact2

Subscriber specific rule:

add appqoe policy apppol1 -rule “SUBSCRIBER.AVP(250).VALUE.CONTAINS(“hi”)” -action appact1

add appqoe policy apppol2 -rule “SUBSCRIBER.SERVICEPATH.IS_NEXT(“SF1″)” -action appct2

This feature leverages the flexibility available in APPQOE policies and actions to dynamically

select the TCP profile required for the traffic going through NetScaler.

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