iOS 8 and Citrix Receiver 5.9 Limited Operation

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.

Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

Apple released iOS 8 on September 17th and iOS 8 smartphones on September 19th. Changes in iOS 8 requires changes in Citrix Receiver for proper operation. Since the release of Receiver for iOS update 5.9.1 and later full support for iOS 8 has been included. Customers are advised to install this update before updating to iOS 8. The latest upgrade can be found at

How will existing users of Receiver, XenApp and XenDesktop be impacted if they do not upgrade to 5.9.1 or later?

  • Users with Receiver for iOS 5.9 running iOS 6 or 7 who update to iOS 8 will lose the ability to add new apps to Receiver when using either StoreFront or Web Interface.

  • Users will be able to use applications that they have already been using.

  • Users will also be able to manually open ICA files in Receiver from within Safari.

Additional Resources

Japanese information can be found in CTX141415.


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