license server not connected in director when using multi-type licensing

Identified intermittent excessive license consumption by comparing the trends and license usage on a single delivery group assigned user/device licenses

Using both Concurrent and User device Licenses.

User Device Licenses are assigned to 1 delivery group.

Concurrent for everywhere else.

Reviewing User Device license Checkouts on the license Server udadmin -list -a -time

375 user licenses consumed

5 device licenses

Total number of Licenses 550 50 license overdraft

Number of machines in this delivery group 951

These are remote PC access machines so each machine is assigned to a single user.

This means that each user who logs onto one of these machines will be issued a single user license.

Number of machines.png

Reviewing historical concurrent usage of the VM’s in this delivery group:

Current usage is not typical of this delivery group

Monday to Friday between 510 and 550 with a single spike of 620 over the previous 30 days.

However what this means in terms of the licensing error visible in Director is that this site entered supplimental grace period on the 03rd of may.

However as User licenses are retained for a period of 90 days after they are initially allocated this may mean that even though these peaks are intermittent your site never leaves this supplimental grace period.


Supplemental grace period in this example is related to the user device licenses assigned to this delivery group.

As the site is configured to consume concurrent licenses you do not see any error in studio.

Purchased additional licenses to ensure the site did not consume the entire overdraft


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