NetScaler firmware upgrade to 13.1-42.47 or later versions failing from GUI

Workaround: Below are the available workarounds.


Upgrade NetScaler using CLI (reference article –

Can use WinSCP or other known utility to upload 13.1-42.47 or later firmware to NetScaler using SFTP. Alternatively SCP command can be used to upload the firmware to the NetScaler


Upgrade NetScaler using GUI after increasing cache limit

  1. Login to CLI
  2. move to shell
  3. cd /usr/local/lib
  4. vi php.ini and change upload_max_filesize to 1485760000
  5. Save(wq!)_usr_local_lib_php.ini.jpg
  6. Move to cd /etc
  7. Open vi httpd.conf and search LimitRequestBody, uncomment this param
  8. Change the size to 1500000000 and save(:wq!)_etc_httpd.conf.jpg
  9. Restart apachectl using command “apachectl restart”


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