NetScaler LOM Version and Support Matrix

This article provides information on Lights out Management (LOM) and support matrix for NetScaler model and LOM firmware version.

Lights out Management (LOM)

Various NetScaler MPX appliances have an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) also known as the Lights out Management (LOM) port on the front panel of the appliance.

By using the LOM, you can remotely monitor and manage the appliance independently of the NetScaler software. In addition, you can remotely change the IP address, perform different power operations, and obtain information of the appliance, such as health monitoring information, MAC address, serial number, and properties of the host, by connecting to the appliance through the LOM port.

By connecting the LOM port over a dedicated channel that is separate from the data channel, you can ensure that connectivity to the appliance is maintained even if the data network is down.

It is important to know that different LOM firmware is used depending on the NetScaler model. Upgrading to the wrong firmware can potentially lead to a defective NetScaler, after which the only means of recovery is a full device RMA. Citrix always recommends the LOM version to be on the latest available and supported version.

For SDX appliances, see the SDX LOM support matrix.

NetScaler LOM Support Matrix

NetScaler Model Ships With Version Recommended Version
MPX 8005/8015/8200/8400/8600/8800 2.04/2.07/3.02/3.10/3.11/3.21 3.21
MPX 11500/13500/14500/16500/18500/20500 2.52/3.02/3.33/3.34/ 3.39 3.39
MPX 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 2.52/3.02/3.33/3.34/3.39 3.39
MPX 17550/19550/20550/21550 2.52/3.02/3.33/3.34/3.39 3.39
MPX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 2.63/3.22/3.24 3.24
MPX 24100/24150 2.63/3.22 3.22

Power Supply Failure

The NetScaler appliance can show an erroneous 5VSB or -5.0V fault error. This error occurs on multiple NetScaler models and builds. To avoid this error, ensure you are on the latest LOM version (mentioned in the Matrix) and minimum NetScaler version to avoid these power supply failure issues.

NetScaler Model Minimum NetScaler Version to Avoid Power Supply Failure Issues
MPX 8005/8015/8200/8400/8600/8800 9.3_65.x, 10.1_123.x, 10.5
MPX 11500/13500/14500/16500/18500/20500 9.3_65.x, 10.1_123.x, 10.5
MPX 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 9.3_65.x, 10.1_123.x, 10.5
MPX 17550/19550/20550/21550 9.3_65.x, 10.1_123.x, 10.5
MPX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 9.3_65.x, 10.1_123.x, 10.5
MPX 24100/24150 9.3_65.x, 10.1_123.x, 10.5

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