PVS Vdisk Inconsistency – Replication Status Shows Error ” Server Not Reachable” When NIC Teaming is Configured

  • Verify if NIC Teaming is configured as Active-Active. Reconfigure as Active-Passive.


Open Network team configuration and make sure the team is Active Active.

Verify the NICs configured under Active Adaptors and confirm no Standby Adaptors are configured.

Reconfigure the Team and make sure Active and standby adaptors are configured.

Please note that NIC team configuration will differ for different adapter manufacturers, check the configuration guide to follow appropriate steps to reconfigure.

Reconfigure NIC teaming may interrupt the network connection. Please make sure to take proper actions to avoid production impact.

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  • Verify the MTU setting of NIC on all PVS servers

Since the status of the replication is synced via UDP on PVS port 6895, the communication failure over this udp port will also effects the status of the replications.

The different MTU of the NICs of PVS servers will also block this kind of UDP communication between them. For example, if one of the NIC has MTU of 1500(default) and the other NIC has MTU of 6000, the udp packets which is larger than 1500 will be lost due to the different fragmentation. From MTU of 6000, the udp packet larger than 1500 but less than 6000, so it will not be fragmented. But the peer has MTU of 1500, so it is unable to accepted this packet and causing packet loss.

You need to check the MTU value of all PVS servers by command:

netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface

If MTUs are different on all PVS servers, please change it to the same value (The default value 1500 is recommended):

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “ Ethernet ” mtu=1500 store=persistent

Please replace Ethernet with the NIC name of your PVS server.


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