Receiver for Windows – WFICA32.exe Cause High CPU in Xendesktop Session, Performance Affected

Allow the SlowHPCPolling registry key to specify polling rates from 2 – 500 ms.

When installing Receiver for Windows on an XenApp (server) VDA, the SlowHPCPolling registry value is initially not present. That implies its value will be 2 (as 2 ms).

This mean Receiver (wfica32.exe) will be polling certain libraries and drivers every 2 milliseconds.

The value can be increased up to 500 ms. There is no ideal value as same value yields different outcomes in different environments.

It is therefore important to test in each environment in order to find that environment’s ideal value. The balance is between higher performance with higher CPU usage (2 ms) and lower performance with lower CPU usage (500 ms).

Registry setting:

For 32 bit machines, locate the following registry key:

HKLMSOFTWARECitrixICA ClientEngineConfigurationAdvancedModulesWFClient

For 64 bit machines, locate the following registry key:

HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeCitrixICA ClientEngineConfigurationAdvancedModulesWFClient

Create or modify the following value:


Type: REG_SZ

Range: 2-500


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