Release User sessions stuck on a hung XenApp Server VDA without rebooting

If you want to allow users with sessions on the hung server to obtain new ones on other VDAs, you can use the PowerShell SDK to ‘hide’ those sessions:

Asnp citrix*

Get-BrokerSession -MachineName <DomainVDAHostname> | Set-BrokerSession -Hidden:$true

If the hung VDA still appears as registered you’ll also want to put it into maintenance mode to prevent the DDCs from ever attempting to start new sessions on it.

***Caution should be paid to the possibility of profile corruption since the user sessions are not actually being logged off of the Hung server. This command simply relinquishes the sessions from the XenDesktop perspective, so that new user sessions can begin on a different VDA.

Note: For cloud use the remote PowerShell SDK


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