Reset User Phone Number for Two Step Verification

Reset User Phone Number

If a user has to change their primary phone number used for Two-step verification, the Master Administrator may initiate a reset.

1.) Navigate to People > Browse Employees or Browse Clients

2.) Click the user that requires the reset.

3. On the user’s profile page, click Reset two-step verification under Actions.

4.) A confirmation message will be displayed and after clicking Reset, the user will receive an email to reset their phone number.

5.) After the user clicks the reset link in the email, they will be directed to the login page to enter their credentials.

Note: This reset link will expire after 15 minutes. Each time the administrator sends an link to reset, the previous reset link will expire.

6.) Once authenticated, the user will be able to enter their new phone number and complete the Two-step verification enrollment.

Note: Master administrators that require their primary phone number to be reset need to Contact Support .


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