Resolve ‘Ignore Certificate Warning’ Issues That Affects App/Desktop Launch on Receiver for iOS

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only. Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

In some scenarios (like using self-signed certificates), even with ‘Ignore certificate warning’ enabled, secure (SSL) app and desktop launches will fail when using iOS Receiver 7.0. Users will see the following error message:

“You have not chosen to trust <certificate>, the issuer of the server’s security certificate.”

Users have to explicitly trust the server certificate to successfully launch apps and desktops. Refer to ‘Solution’ section below regarding how to trust the certificate.

Feature Change Description

  1. Citrix Receiver for iOS has a user setting called ‘Ignore certificate warnings’ that can be toggled on or off (figure 1).

    User-added image

  2. For Citrix Receiver 6.1.5 for iOS and earlier, virtual apps/desktops can be enumerated and launched in the scenarios described above.

  3. The ‘Ignore certificate warnings’ setting continues to be available in Citrix Receiver 7.0 for iOS, but the behavior has been modified to prevent a virtual app or desktop to launch in the scenarios described above.

  4. The behavior in Citrix Receiver 7.0 for iOS to allow apps/desktops to be enumerated but not launched if the certificate is not trusted is consistent with Citrix Receivers on other platforms.

  5. Please take the appropriate steps prior to the Receiver for iOS 7.0 release to ensure no user down-time.


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