SD-WAN: Routes Learned by One Site using BGP Are Not Getting Installed on Another Site Over Virtual Path

Consider 3 sites : A (MCN), B (Branch) and C (Branch).

Issue : Site A is running BGP locally with a router and learning local site routes and then advertising them to Site B and Site C over the Virtual Path. However, Site B is learning those routes but Site C is not.

Symptoms : If we check the route logs from Site A, we can see that it is correctly forwarding the routes to the Virtual WAN plane as can be seen in the following :

2018-08-08 00:36:21 <INFO> <Got route notify>prefix:, Table: T0 new:00000000006989d8 old:00000000006f8828

2018-08-08 00:36:21 <INFO> <ADD_ROUTE_TO_Virtual WAN> prefix:, protocol: BGP, Router IP :, Table: T0

However, these prefixes are being ignored by Site C device as can be seen in the logs :

12994:234:661:860 ERR handle_rcvd_dynamic_routes_from_neighbor@control/route_db.c:5682 Ignore received 90 Dynamic Local Routes to SYNC from site 2 with routing domain ID 0 via Virtual_Path SiteA-SiteC, received route version:215 current:1172

The issue is not restricted between MCN and Branch only and can be seen between two branches as well.


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