SDWAN doesn’t support “MSS Clamping” in PPPoE Internet Service (Before version 11.3.1), that causes some external web pages can’t be loaded

This is because SDWAN PPPoE link doesn’t support MSS Clamping before version 11.3.1

What is MSS Clamping?

1. In a PPPoE link, additional 8 bytes PPPoE header will be inserted into frames. That may cause total length of frams exceed MTU 1500. Hence, we need to fragment those TCP packets if payload length is 1460.

2. However, in most cases, DF bit is set in packet. Don’t allow fragmentation. Then, PPPoE router should reply ICMP “Fragmentation Required” message to original client/server. Then client/server should send the packet in a smaller data.

3. However, the ICMP message may be dropped by firewall. In such cases, a better solution is PPPoE router modifies the MSS value in a TCP connection to fit PPPoE link’s MTU. That is called MSS Clamping.


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