Send a Document for Signature from ShareFile

1. To send a document for signature from ShareFile, right-click on the document and select Send for Signature.

Right clicking the document will provide a list of actions

2. You will be redirected to your RightSignature account. The document will upload to RightSignature. Add additional documents to send for signature if necessary.

3. When done, click Prepare Document.

The document will then be uploaded to RightSignature automatically.

4. Enter the signers’ name and email address.

Note: Email addresses for each signer needs to be unique. Be sure to enter each signer’s name and email correctly – once the document is sent, email addresses cannot be changed. The document will need to be recreated.
Note: If you add multiple signers to a single document, you can designate signers to their own Request Field. After placing a Request Field in the document, double-click the field to open up additional options. Use the drop-down menu to assign the appropriate signer to complete the field. Read more about available fields and annotations here.

5. When finished, click Next: Place Fields.

Next, input the full name and email address of the document signers.

6. On the next screen, you will create the request and annotation fields for the document signers.

7. When finished, click Next: Review.

Next you can place the fields in which your signers can input information and signature.

8. Finally, add or edit a customized name and message, add CC’s, and add an optional document passcode.

9. Click Send or Save Document when done.

The Review step allow for you to apply a personalized message and add any additional CC's to the document.

10. Once completed, the signed document will upload to the ShareFile folder it was sent from (with “-signed” added to the file name).

Once signed by all parties, the document will automatically return, signed and completed, to the folder in which it was sent.


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