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As of June 30, 2020, ShareConnect will be End of Life. As of this date, the product and all its functionality will no longer be accessible, with technical support and product downloads also no longer available.

We recommend replacing ShareConnect with GoToMyPC.

Please visit the Citrix Product Matrix for more information on Citrix Product Lifecycles.

In rare cases, the tool may still be temporarily available for some users after June 30th, 2020 as deprecation can take several weeks to complete.

ShareConnect Desktop allows you to access remote computers and file servers simultaneously, without having to logging into a web browser. You can download the Desktop App from within your ShareConnect account.

This app is supported for both Windows and Mac users.

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Install the Desktop App

Log in to your ShareConnect account. You can download the desktop app from the navigation menu on the left. You are also prompted to download the desktop app when clicking on a computer to establish a remote connection.

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Follow the instructions to install the app. The desktop app is now installed, and you can launch it from your desktop or your Programs/Apps menus.

Using the Desktop App

Launch the ShareConnect Desktop app and enter your ShareConnect credentials (email and password).

Note: If you have the 2-step verification enabled on your ShareConnect account, you will need to provide a code that is sent to your mobile phone number as an extra security measure.

Select your host computer from the left navigation and enter the host computer’s credentials.

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Remote Screensharing – Access a Remote Desktop Session

Once you have chosen a computer and verified that computer’s credentials, the remote session will be displayed within the desktop window.

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The Toolbar contains the following options:

  • File Transfer – Load a separate window where you can upload and download files between your computer and the host.
  • Full Screen – Maximize the desktop app window to view the host computer screen at a higher resolution.
  • Zoom – Incremental zoom to view specific areas of the host computer screen.
  • Actual Size – Expand the viewer window.
  • CTRL-ALT-DEL – Send a CTRL-ALT-DEL command to the host computer.
  • Switch Monitors – Choose which monitor to display. You may also resize your the Desktop App window to fit the full monitor span.
  • Settings – The Settings icon allows the following settings:
  • Unblank Host Screen – Unblank the host computer’s screen so that it may be physically viewed, i.e., clients.
  • Audio – Choose to hear audio from the host computer.
  • Current Printer – Select the local printer you wish to use when printing files from the host computer.

File Transfer (Windows)

Clicking the File Transfer icon will open the file viewer in a separate window.

Here, you can browse the local file directory of the host computer as well as download, rename, edit and delete certain files and folders. Drag and drop files between folders for quick and easy transfers.

Right-click files to take a specific action, or select the file and use the toolbar located in the middle of the module. When using the Open and Edit option, a file will be modified on your PC and then uploaded back when you have Saved or Closed the program used to edit.

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Right-click files to take supported actions

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File Transfer (Mac)

The File Transfer menu is slightly different than the File Transfer function for Windows users.

The File Browser will open as a separate window. Here, you can browse through the files and take various actions on them using the toolbar at the bottom of the module. Depending on your Mac and the programs installed there, opening and editing files locally may not be supported.

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Remote Screensharing and File Server – Simultaneous Remote Sessions

  • Use the menu on the left to open up your Computers list. Select another computer to connect to.
  • Once connected, you can switch between remote sessions by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the app window.

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File Server – View and Download Files on the Desktop App

  • After you connect to your server, you can see a list of folders.
  • To view and edit your files, navigate to a specific file and double-click on it. Choose the option to Open and Edit and save the file on your host.
  • To download your files, navigate to a folder of your choice or create a new folder by selecting the Make New Folder button and click OK.

File Server – Upload Files via the Desktop App

  • To upload a file, you must navigate to the folder of your choice and click on the Upload button at the bottom of your Viewer window.
  • You can browse within your local computer to locate the file you want and double-click on it to upload it.

Remote Printing

To print documents remotely, set your Current Printer in the Settings menu.

Once a printer has been set, any documents printed from the host computer will print to the chosen printer.

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ShareConnect for IT Admins

Client users can submit Help Tickets from their host computer. Submitted tickets can be reviewed by Admin users from the ShareConnect Desktop app, and remote troubleshooting sessions can be established with the click of a button. Click here for information on how to use this feature.

Settings and Preferences

Click the Settings icon in the upper left to adjust various preferences. The settings available to you are inherited from your account-wide settings.

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