ShareConnect Selective App Access

During installation, Client users can now choose the apps that other users are permitted to use when connecting to the client computer remotely. This feature is useful for providing client users with greater security options when granting access to their computer. Not a client user? Click here for more info.

Select Apps

After registering your host computer, you will be directed to the Select Apps screen.

In the Select Apps screen, you can choose to give the user full access to your host computer or choose to access to only a few apps. If you want to give access only to a selected few, you can select the pertinent check boxes and click on the AllowAccess button to confirm your selection.

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The next time a user signs in to ShareConnect and connects to your computer, they will see the list of apps they have been approved to use.

Your App selections apply to users connecting via a desktop computer or a mobile device.

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Update Apps

You can modify the list of approved apps your host can use at any time. To do so, right-click the ShareConnect icon in the task tray as shown below. You will be directed to the Select Apps screen where you can update your choices.

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