ShareFile Archiving

Archiving Account Differences

The Archiving feature makes significant changes to the ShareFile main application that prevents files, folders, sent messages and notifications from being deleted from the account for at least 3 years. The items are instead sent to an archive where they can be accessed at a later date, if necessary. This ensures that all communication via ShareFile can be accessed by a Designated Third Party in compliance with SEC rule 17a-4.

When Archiving is enabled on your account all files, folders, sent messages and notifications will be archived instead of deleted. By default the items will be archived for 3 years. This duration can be modified by ShareFile Support.

Items in Pending Archivals can be restored to the account within 7 days or permanently sent to archive.

Certain ShareFile features are not supported on Archiving accounts. Click here to view a list.

How to use Investigative Search

When needed, an internal employee or designated third party can be given access to the InvestigativeSearch menu to access previous files, folders, sent messages and notifications.

Investigative Search can be accessed in the Admin Settings section of your ShareFile account.

Investigative Search Requirements

  1. Employee User
  2. Member of the Super User Group
  3. Granted the Allow this user to run and view archived searches permission.

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From this menu, you can Schedule a New Search or browse Existing Searches (searches already created on the account).

When creating a new search, provide the terms you wish to search for (or the item ID, if it is known to you), as well as a unique Search Name that you can reference at a later date.

You can search for files, messages, and logs. Logs will display account activity such as uploads or downloads.

You can also limit your search range using the drop-down menu shown below.

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Once you run a search, it can be found under the tab for Existing Searches. Depending on the size of your account, it may take a few minutes for the search to complete. To view your search results, click on the Name of the search.

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The results page will allow you to export the data or view additional information on the items. Depending on your search settings, your results may be in the Files, Messages, or Logs tabs.

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You can view additional information by clicking on the Details button to the right of an item in the search results.You may also download the item from the Details menu.

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You may use the Run Again or Duplicate options on a completed search.

  • Run Again will repeat the search. The results will appear as a new line item in the Existing Searches tab.
  • Duplicate will bring you to New Search tab with the preferences pre-filled from the existing search. You will then have the option to edit the search before clicking Save and Run Search.

Features that are not supported for Archiving Accounts

  • Share or Send a Folder
  • Edit files
  • Rename files
  • Rename folders
  • Check Out files
  • Add Notes
  • Modify Folder Version Number or Retention Policy
  • Delete files (Archived instead)
  • Sign or Send for Signature via RightSignature
  • Encrypted Email
  • Dynamic Folder Templates
  • File Drops

Additional Info – Citrix Files: Drive Mapper Features

Due to the above limitations, accounts with Archiving enabled are not able to use the “Create New Folder” button to create new folders in the Windows Explorer window, since this function will first “create” a new folder with the default “New Folder” folder name, then attempt to “rename” the newly created folder.


1. From the Citrix Files Right-Click menu option select More options, then Open in Website.

You can now create the folder from the web app then refresh Windows explorer.


2. Create and name the folder on your desktop then copy it to the Citrix Files folder location.

Changes to File Version Control

  • Due to the nature of the feature, you cannot set or modify the number of file versions once Archiving has been enabled for your account.
  • The File Versioning menu item will not be present in the Admin or Folder Options sections of your account.
  • Due to the above, you will not have the option of “linking to the latest version of the file” when creating a new Share or Get a Link message.


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