ShareFile Content Viewer

To view a file in the Content Viewer, click on the file name. The file will be displayed in the viewer alongside a number of available actions.

Viewer Pane

Your file preview will be rendered in the pane on the left. You can adjust zoom level and search document file types. You can also use the Full Screen button to hide the File Actions pane on the right.

Actions and Information Pane

The pane on the right includes the file name, file notes, and various file actions that you may utilize. The actions that are displayed depend on your permissions and account capabilities. For example: A user without the Download permission will not have a Download button.

Additional actions may be displayed within the More button, if applicable.

Panoramic Images in the Content Viewer

Panoramic image previews will be resized to fit within the preview pane. For a better view, use the Zoom option or the Full Screen button to broaden your view. Note – ShareFile does not alter the source properties of your file, size adjustments are strictly limited to the display within the preview pane.

No File Preview – Unsupported Files or Plan-Specific Limitations

Certain file types, such as those that are considerably large or created with applications that may otherwise alter the file contents in a way that prevents ShareFile from rendering the file preview properly, will not be rendered. The Content Viewer will still be used when clicking on a file, even if a preview is not supported or cannot be generated. In this situation, users can still download the file using the provided Download button.

This feature is available for all ShareFile accounts and plan types. Certain accounts and plan types may be unable to preview files in the preview pane due to industry-specific file storage compliance requirements.


    • In case customers don’t want to install and maintain the Office online server in their infrastructure, Citrix hosted rendering servers in the cloud can be leveraged. To do this, enable the policy “Enable Cloud Rendering of Files on Customer Managed Storage Zones” in the Files settings page under Advanced preferences on the ShareFile admin console.


    If cloud rendering is enabled, Citrix will keep a temporary copy of the files involved in the rendering flow. The temporary duration is as follows:

    • VDR accounts – 7 days
    • All other accounts – 24 hours

    Refer to this KB for limitations in terms of document types and size supported for previews.


    If preview fails, please check your organization’s network firewall and web filtering solutions by referencing including alternate domains and VDR accounts. For example, VDR accounts will need * to be whitelisted.


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