ShareFile Custom SMTP

ShareFile SMTP IP Address Information

Please see the following KB article for whitelist information.

User Requirements

  • An employee user with the Allow this user to modify account-wide policies permission

Microsoft Office 365 Users

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user and would like to utilize Custom SMTP, view this set up guide from Microsoft.

Setting up Custom SMTP

  1. Navigate to Admin > Advanced Preferences > Email Settings > Configure SMTP Settings
  2. On the Custom SMTP Configuration page, enter the appropriate information to enable this feature.
  3. Ensure that the Enable checkbox is checked before saving.

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Required fields

Enable Custom SMTP – This must be selected if you wish to use these settings.

Email Address – This will be the “from” email address of sent emails.

Server – This is the host name of the email server that will be used to send emails.

Port – This is the port number to be used. Port 25 is the default. We allow the following ports: 26, 443, 465, 587, 2525.

Username – This should be the username needed to access the server.

Password – This should be the password needed to access the server.

Notify Email on Failure – This email address will be sent notices if ShareFile is unable to send an email with the given settings.

Optional fields

Use SSL – Choose between Implicit, Explicit, or Off.

Failback to ShareFile –If selected, messages that fail to send using the custom settings will prompt ShareFile to send future emails through standard ShareFile email settings

Authentication Method – Select an authentication method here if a particular one is required by your server

Troubleshooting Your SMTP Setup

“Email Notifications / Messages are Delayed”

This issue may occur when you are utilizing certain filter services or programs processing messages on your local mail servers. Before contacting ShareFile about delays in our system, please verify that your messages are not being delayed by local filter services. One means of verifying that information is to review the full header details of a message and reviewing the time messages send between services or filters.

“Email Notifications / Messages Do Not Arrive”

This issue may occur if you have IP restrictions or policies on your local mail servers. Please click here to make sure you have whitelisted the Custom SMTP IPs. Likewise, please review your mail server authentication methods to ensure that ShareFile can communicate with your servers.

“Too many connections from your host”

This issue may occur when you have exceeded the maximum allowed connections on your SMTP server. To resolve this, you must update or increase your max allowed connections in your SMTP configuration, or use Consolidated Notifications to limit the number of connections you receive on a typical basis.


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