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Review Notification History

A user with the following permissions can review email messages sent from the ShareFile system.

Access Notification History by navigating Admin Settings > Company Account Info > Notification History.

  • This menu requires the View Notification History Employee permission

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Share a File and Request a File Notifications

Messages sent from the ShareFile web app include two settings:

  • Email me when the file has been accessed
  • Email me when the file has been uploaded.

When the user has uploaded or downloaded via the link, our system will send the notification. These settings are enabled by default, unless otherwise specified when composing the message.

Root-level folders and subfolders:

Users that have access to folders can also receive email notifications when files are uploaded and downloaded to the account. Users with access to a folder can subscribe to email notifications using the checkbox at the bottom of the folder contents. Applying to subfolders is not available when subscribing to notifications using the checkboxes in this way.

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Admin users on a folder can set their own upload and download notifications via the Folder Permissions menu toward the bottom of the page. Using this option, you can use the checkbox shown below to apply your notification settings to any subfolders currently stored within the folder.

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Notification Frequency (Consolidated Notifications)

Users can set how frequently they receive email notifications from our system in the Personal Settings menu. Available options include:

  1. Real-time (Users receive a notification for each successful upload or download)
  2. Every 15 minutes
  3. Every hour
  4. Twice a day
  5. Once a day.

Once changes are made to notification frequency, the first email notification will be triggered by any upload or download that takes place in a folder where the user has alerts enabled. Following the initial notification, consolidated notifications (which contain upload and download activity in a compiled format) will be sent out in set time intervals determined by the user’s selection.

Admin users can set an account-wide default at Admin Settings > Advanced Preferences > Email Settings.

Individual users can set their own individual notification preferences in the Personal Settings menu.

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Localized Notifications

Users can configure the default language of emails sent by the ShareFile system.

Admin users can set the account-wide default language in Admin Settings > Advanced Preferences > Email Settings. Under Email and Notifications, use the drop-down menu to adjust the default notification language.

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ShareFile users on an account can set their own default notification language on a user-by-user basis. This can be adjusted in the Personal Settings menu.The chosen setting will override the account-wide default for that specific user.

Bounce Notifications

The ShareFile system can send you an email if we receive a bounce back from any email you send.

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You can enable Bounce Back Emails for your account in the Personal Settings menu.

If this setting is not present in your Email Notifications menu, please contact ShareFile Customer Care and ask that it be enabled for your account (please include your account subdomain and the email address associated with your account).

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Notify Users of Their Own Activity By default, ShareFile account settings prevent email notifications from being sent to any user regarding their own activity, even if they have Upload Alerts or Download Alerts enabled on a folder.

This setting can be changed so that users can receive notifications of their own uploads and downloads. Some accounts choose to make this change so that users can keep notifications as receipts of their own activity. This setting can be changed in the Advanced Preferences menu.


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