ShareFile folder permissions

Please check the below quick video on folder permisssions in ShareFile.


The folder permissions detailed below allow for user-specific folder functionality. Each user on the folder can have their own permission set. To change folder permissions for an individual folder, navigate to that folder and access the People on this Folder menu. Use the checkboxes to change permissions as needed. To manage folder permissions without navigating to them individually, click here.

Download permission

With download permission, a user has the ability to download any document in the folder to their computer or mobile device.

Download alerts

With download alerts, users will be notified via email that files have been downloaded from the folder. A user must be granted admin permission on the folder to be granted download alerts, as it will allow them to identify other users on the folder when they download documents.

Upload permission

Granting a user upload permission gives the user the ability to upload files or folders to the folder. With this permission, the user is also able to create subfolders within this folder. Any subfolders created will automatically inherit the parent folder’s permissions. The user creating the subfolder will not be able to manage users on the newly created subfolder unless they were also granted admin permission on the parent folder.

Upload alerts

With upload alerts, users will be notified via email that files have been uploaded to the folder. In order to be granted this permission, the user does have to also be granted the download permission. Users with download permission will also be able to grant themselves this permission through a checkbox on the folder.

Delete permission

The delete permission grants a user the ability to delete files within the folder that they did not upload. Note that by default, all users are able to delete files that they uploaded to the folder. This can be turned off for an account by an administrator’s request to ShareFile customer support .

Admin permission

A user granted admin permission has the ability to manage folder access on this folder and can add or remove users. They will also be able to edit some folder options. Note that the user listed as Owner (usually the creator of the folder) may not be removed by any user.

View permission

Granting a user view permission allows them to view a document without downloading it. A user must be granted just view permission if you desire them to view the document with a watermark. If you grant a user download permissions on the folder, they will automatically be granted view permissions as well. Only VDR accounts and StorageZones accounts with View-Only Sharing have the ability to grant View permissions.


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