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Example Setup Configurations

Advanced Connections for ShareFile FTP

You can connect to ShareFile either via traditional FTP (port 21) or using an implicit SSL/TLS connection (port 990). For security, ShareFile only supports secure FTPS transfers, which are sent over SSL, and not SFTP transfers, which are sent over SSH.

ShareFile FTP login and server information can be found in the ShareFile web app. Navigate toPersonal Settings > Advanced Connections > FTP Settings

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If FTP Settings is not present, an Admin on your account can enable this feature within the Power Tools menu in the Admin section of their account.

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Example Setup Configurations

The following recommended setups have been verified by ShareFile Support. Use of these clients with settings not listed here may not be fully supported.

FileZilla Windows and Mac

  1. Click on File.
  2. Select Site Manager. A new window will pop up. Click New Site and set it up as follows:
  3. Name the connection. e.g. ‘ShareFile’
  4. Host – Server address
  5. Server Type – For FTP, select Regular FTP. For FTPS, select Require implicit FTP over TLS.
  6. Login Type – ‘Normal’
  7. User – Enter username in format subdomain/email address
  8. Enter Password – ShareFile account password
  9. Click on the Transfer Settings tab
  10. Select Passive Mode
  11. Click the Connect button

Ipswitch FTP

  1. Click File.
  2. Select Connect
  3. Select Connection Wizard
  4. Name the connection – e.g. ‘ShareFile’
  5. Connection Type –> Regular FTP: Select ‘FTP’ from drop down. Secure FTP: Select ‘FTP/Implicit SSL’ from drop down
  6. Enter Server Address
  7. Enter user name
  8. Format of ‘subdomain’/’email address’
  9. Enter Password
  10. ShareFile account password
  11. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button
  12. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab on the leftc
  13. Make sure the check box for ‘Use Passive mode for data connections’ is selected
  14. Click Ok and Finish

Cute FTP

  1. Click on the ‘File’ drop down menu
  2. Select ‘New’ –> Regular FTP: Select ‘FTP’ from drop down. Secure FTP: Select ‘FTP/Implicit SSL’ from drop down
  3. A new window will pop up
  4. Label – A connection name, e.g. ‘ShareFile’
  5. Host name – Server address
  6. Enter user name – Use format of subdomain/email address
  7. Enter password – ShareFile account password
  8. Login method – Normal
  9. Select Type.
  10. Under the Data connections type select: Use PASV
  11. Click the Connect button

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