ShareFile Usage Report

Usage Report

NOTE: The Usage report does not include itemized folder move activity for subfolders or files.

See How to Create a ShareFile Report to learn how to access and create ShareFile Reports.

Background: Review activity based on account, folder, or user. Activity in this report includes items such as: login, failed login, downloads/views, uploads, create folder, check in / check out, move, restore, create notes, edit, create URLs, delete, DLP scan (OK), DLP scan (rejected), and DLP share. Note: If the activity name is not checked when creating the report, no data will be returned for that activity name.

Data Columns:

User-added image

DISCLAIMER: We only support a maximum period of 90 days on reports and recommend a maximum of 30 days.

  • Date
  • Item Name – The name of the user and tool logged into, the file or folder the action is performed on
  • Activity – The type of activity that occurred such as login, view, download, upload, etc.
  • User – The name of the user performing the action
  • Email Address – The primary email address of the user performing the action
  • Company Name
  • IP Address
  • Location
  • EventID – The ID of the item or user, useful for customer support.


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