SVM can’t communicate to NSIP with “Manage through internal network” option enabled

When “Manage through internal network” is enabled, SVM tries to first enable the internal interface(in this case it is 0/2) of VPX and then try to add ARP.

In this case, both the operations are failing because 0/2 itself is not present in VPX

When the VPX was provisioned it’s build was 12.1-63.22 where VPX-always-ON support was not present.

So It had only one management interface i.e 0/1 .It didn’t have 0/2. Later VPX was upgraded to 13.0-86.17 and 13.0-86.102 which has VPX-always-ON support but internal interface is missing.

So it is not possible to enable “Manage through internal network” for this VPX.


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