TCP Profiles on NetScaler

TCP configurations for a NetScaler appliance can be specified in an entity called a TCP profile, which is a collection of TCP settings. The TCP profile can then be associated with services or virtual servers that want to use these TCP configurations.

Built-in TCP Profiles

For convenience of configuration, the NetScaler provides some built-in TCP profiles. For a list of built-in profiles, refer to Citrix Documentation – Built-in TCP Profiles.

For a list of options that are available for a TCP profile, refer to Citrix Documentation – ns tcpProfile.

Note: These values can have serious impacts on network performance. Use these values carefully when adjusting them manually in existing profiles, or when creating new profiles.

To specify service or virtual server level TCP configurations

Command line interface

  1. Configure the TCP profile:

    set ns tcpProfile <profile-name>

  2. Bind the TCP profile to the service or virtual server.

    To bind the TCP profile to the service:

    set service <name>

    For example:

    > set service service1 -tcpProfileName profile1

Configuration utility

  1. Configure the TCP profile.

    Navigate to System >Profiles > TCP Profiles, and create the TCP profile.

  2. Bind the TCP profile to the service or virtual server.

    Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Services/Virtual Servers, and create the TCP profile, which should be bound to the service or virtual server.


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