Time Display on NetScaler Does Not Sync Using NTP

A)Type ntpdate -q ntpservername/ip

By default ADC uses NSIP to communicate to the NTP Server. if firewall rule allowed UDP/123 ( NTP protocol ) for SNIP|GSLB|ADNS interface, this command will fail with the error “No server suitable for synchronization found”. To force NTPd to use the SNIP interface as source add the following interface option in the ntp.conf file

interface listen < SNIP ip > (This can be validated in the ntpd.log)

B)perform the below steps to kill and restart ntp process :

1.ps -axfu | grep ntp

2. kill -9 “process id for ntp”

3. ntpdate <ntpservername/ip>

4./ur/sbin/ntpd -c /nsconfig/ntp.conf -I /var/log/ntpd.log

5.ps -axfu | grep ntp //This confirms if the NTP Process is up and running

C )If NTP is not syncing according to the server set, verify the configuration of the /etc/ntp.conf on NetScaler and compare this configuration with /nsconfig/ntp.conf using the following command:

cat /etc/ntp.conf

cat /nsconfig/ntp.conf

This is a linked file that points to /nsconfig/ntp.conf. When configuring NTP, the settings are written to ntp.conf, and when viewing NTP configuration, this file is read.

If you verify configuration with stat ntp server command the configuration seems correct because all of these settings are being read from the /nsconfig/ntp.conf but the NetScaler actually applies the settings from the /etc/ns.conf.

If the files do not match then recreate the /etc/ns.conf by proceeding to the next step.

  1. Delete the /etc/ntp.conf with the command:

    rm ntp.conf

  2. Recreate /etc/ntp.conf using the command:

    ln -s /nsconfig/ntp.conf /etc/ntp.conf

  3. Verify the configuration of /etc/ntp.conf. You can force sync by toggling the NTP synchronization from NetScaler CLI:

    disable ntp sync

    enable ntp sync

    Note : Kindly refer ntpd.log under /var/log for any NTP related information.


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