Troubleshoot Access and View Issues in ShareFile

Some common file types can be fully previewed within the ShareFile web application without downloading. Any user with download permissions on a folder will also be able to preview files.

The ShareFile Content Viewer provides a seamless previewing experience. The file preview are rendered in the preview pane on the left. Click here for information on the Content Viewer.

With ShareFile, you can preview supported:

  • Images
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Audio files

Additional Steps and Troubleshooting: CTX208282
A document opens from the WebUI, but will not open using the Citrix Files for Windows app. The erropr message displayed is “The file cannot be opened from this location.

Windows has a limit to the maximum allowed length of the path (folder structure) and file name. If the document is stored in a location where the absolute length of the file name including the folders is too long, this error message will be displayed.

There are several possible solutions:

  • Rename the folders and/or files to have shorter names (This would be the normal / recommended approach so other users will also not be affected)
  • Create a favorites link to a folder deeper in the structure, and access the file from there
  • View the file online
  • Copy the file to local storage and view/edit there

Additional Steps and Troubleshooting: CTX330978

  • File Path Limit
    • ShareFile recommends adhering to Microsoft File Path limitations by avoiding path names that exceed 250 characters. Shorten paths by renaming folders and files or moving deep lying folders higher up the tree. This is extremely pertinent if you are planning on deploying the Citrix Files for Windows application.
  • Horizontal not Vertical
    • As mentioned earlier, it is best practice to keep your folder structure spread wide at either the root level or the second level down. This will prevent a narrow, deep structure from evolving that can cause a poor user experience and strain the ShareFile system. These changes can help to disperse items and prevent a folder from hitting the upper limits. This is linked to the number of calls required when adjusting folder settings, user access, and account wide policies. Furthermore, users will lose productivity if they’re required to click through a deep folder tree to access documents.
  • File Versioning
    • Adjust your file versioning to only keep the last 25 or less files. This can be adjusted from the Admin Settings under Advanced Preferences > File Settings.
  • Limit items in each folder
    • ShareFile folders should not contain more than 5,000 items within an individual folder or sub-folders. An “item” includes any elements within a folder. This includes files, folders, additional versions of files, and notes. Additionally, items in the recycle bin from the affected folder before emptied are included in the overall item count. When a folder reaches or exceeds this limitation, the consequences can be detrimental to the account and explicitly the folder in question.
    • The impacts could include:
      • Inability to upload documents.
      • Slow or inaccessible folder operations such as browse, copy, move, delete, and restore.
      • Time-outs in Web application
      • Inability to temporarily access particular folder
      • Temporary account lock out.
    • If you are currently experiencing these issues or are approaching these folder limits, please contact support for assistance
  • Folder Size
    • ShareFile folders should not contain more than 10GB of data. Exceeding this limit will result to slow folder operation like copy/move/delete/restore.

Additional information: CTX227202


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