View-Only Sharing

Enable View-Only

View-Only Sharing must be enabled for your account; Please Contact ShareFile Support to have this feature enabled

Enterprise Accounts with on-premise storage:

Supported Files

  • Microsoft Office Files
  • PDF
  • Image files (requires SZC v3.4.1 or later)
    • BMP
    • GIF
    • JPG
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • TIF
    • TIFF

View-Only and Audio / Video Files

Audio and Video files may be viewed with the view-only permission, but only if the audio and video files are stored on a public (Citrix-Managed) StorageZone. Only supported file types can be previewed, click here for supported types.

Due to the above, you cannot share audio and video files as a view-only message if they are stored on a private zone.

Share a File with View-Only Permissions

Once View-Only Sharing has been enabled for your account, a new setting will appear in Message Options when sharing files. Use the Allow Recipients To dropdown menu to select View. You may then customize how many views each user is permitted.


When your recipient accesses the download link, the Download button will not be present and the recipient will be prevented from printing or saving the file.

Note – Sharing audio and video files as a view-only message is only supported for audio / video files stored on a public StorageZone. See info on those file types earlier in this article.

Grant a User the View Permission

Grant users the View permission if you want to control access to files stored in certain folders. When adding new users to folder access, select the View checkbox to grant them the permission. When viewing the folder contents with this permission, your user will not be able to download or share files. They must use the magnifying glass icon to preview the files.


Note regarding Restricted Zones and DLP

The following files cannot be previewed or shared with the View-Only permission:

  • Files stored on a Restricted StorageZone
  • Files restricted from downloading due to DLP policy settings

Do Views trigger download notifications?

Yes, if you select to be notified when a file has been accessed.


Files cannot be previewed

  • During setup, the URL of your Microsoft Office Web Apps server must be entered into the StorageZones Controller console. The URL used must be accessible by ender users to support View-Only Sharing.
  • During setup, it is recommended that users synchronize the clock of their StorageZones Controller server with or another NTP server. Click here for information on Windows Time Service Tools.

View-only message cannot be sent

  • You cannot share a view-only message containing audio and video files if those files are stored on a private zone.


Restricting Print works only with few files as Citrix has no control over Browser or Operating System. Microsoft Office files which redact data when printing and restrict from printing is due to Microsoft Office Online Servers restriction and not due to ShareFile.


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