Virtual Machines created with MCS might acquire duplicate SCCM GUIDs

Solution 1 :

Make sure the SMS Host Service is configured to “Automatic Delayed Start” on the Master Image.

This should be the default setting in most circumstances, but it can be manually changed or configured through Group Policy.

Solution 2 :

– Delete VDI machines from SCCM. (Right click on the machine name and select Delete)

– Execute following on the VDI

net stop “SMS Agent Host”

del c:windowsSMSCFG.ini

certutil –delstore SMS SMS

net start “SMS Agent Host”

– Run Discovery on SCCM server

On SCCM Console -> Administration

Right click on “Active Directory System Discovery” and select “Run Full Discovery Now”

– Wait for some time to get those VDIs listed in SCCM Console

Solution 3 :

If above solutions do not resolve the issue please contact Microsoft Support.


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