What is the Maximum File Size I Can Upload to ShareFile?

Depending on your plan level, your ShareFile account supports the upload and download of files up to 10GB or 100GB in size. The maximum file size for uploads and downloads on the ShareFile system is 100GB.

Account Upload Limits

  • ShareFile Standard Plan: 10GB upload limit
  • ShareFile Advanced Plan: 100GB upload limit
  • ShareFile Premium Plan: 100GB upload limit

If you want to upgrade your plan that allows the maximum file size of 100GB for large uploads and downloads, contact the Citrix Sales team for assistance. Administrators on the account with “Request Plan Change” permissions can also upgrade the plan while logged into ShareFile.

If your upload process cannot be completed within 18 hours, ShareFile recommends breaking your upload into smaller segments.

Are you having trouble uploading a file that doesn’t meet these size restrictions? Check out common troubleshooting tips here.


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