Windows 11 22H2 Update – Citrix Known Issues

Issue Description

ICA launch of MCS provisioned VDAs would fail after the Operating system of the master image is upgraded to Win11 22H2 version


Problem Cause

MCS machines could not register with the DDC because they cannot get the machine name from the identity disk due to the below registry change upon OS upgrade. The “PvsVMBoot” value in the “BootExecute” multi-string under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession Manager is removed during upgrade; i.e “BootExecute”=“autocheck autochk*,PvsVMBoot” gets reset to “BootExecute”=“autocheck autochk*” during the upgrade.


This issue has been resolved by Microsoft. The resolution can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • If upgrading to newer Windows version though Windows Update, no action is necessary as the upgrade would contain the fix.
  • If using an ISO to upgrade, one has to choose option ‘Download updates, drivers and optional features (recommended)’ during the upgrade process for installer to get the fix.
  • If using an ISO, and for any reason, cannot choose ‘Download updates, drivers and optional features (recommended)’, the fix would need to be downloaded from Microsoft and included into the ISO of the new Windows version intended to be upgraded to. Follow the steps below:

The Windows update listed below have the fixes for the issue and are available as cab files.

Windows 11 (SV1 21H2), KB5020379, Servicing release 2022.11C

Windows 11 (SV2 22H2), KB5019103, Servicing release 2022.10D

Method of installing these updates into your systems:

  • Download the above .cab file and extract the files using the ‘expand’ command available in Windows shell.
  • Replace the acmigration.dll and appraiser.sdb in the targeted OS installation media with these files from the extracted cab file (ignore if acmigration.dll is not present) and run the OS upgrade.

Follow steps below:

  • Download and copy the cab file to a local folder (eg c:temp) in your windows machine
  • Open command prompt as an administrator and run the following commands
For Windows 11 21H1:
cd c:temp

Expand -f:* c:temp

For Windows 11 22H2:

cd c:temp

Expand -f:* c:temp

  • The above operation extracts the contents of the cab file to c:temp folder.
  • Open the c:temp folder and copy two files named “acmigration.dll and appraiser.sdb”.
  • Mount and copy the contents of targeted OS installer to a local folder (eg c:os )
  • In the “sources” folder replace the acmigration.dll and appraiser.sdb files in the installer by pasting the files copied earlier.
  • Run the setup file from the local copy of the OS installer and finish the OS upgrade process.


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