XenMobile Android Enterprise & iOS devices failed to enroll after ADC upgrade to 13.0-82.41+

Please refer to the following Citrix ADC doc to enable SSO configuration for XenMobile Gateway Virtual server.


GUI Configuration Guide:

  • Part 1: Configure a traffic policy that enabled http SSO:

5. Navigate to Security > AAA – Application Traffic > Policies > Traffic, Select Traffic Profiles tab, and click Add.

  • Part 2: After configured traffic policy, please bind it to XenMobile Gateway Virtual Server.

Navigate to Citrix Gateway> Virtual Servers, select XenMobile Gateway and Edit.


Then Scroll DOWN to the bottom to find Policies section to add binding a traffic policy:

Select the traffic policy we just created, for example named as vpn_tf_pol, then bind it with a high Priority value like 63000


CLI Configuration Guide:

Demo configuration commands follows:

//Creating traffic policy with SSO enabled

add vpn trafficaction vpn_tf_act http -SSO ON

add vpn trafficpolicy vpn_tf_pol true vpn_tf_act

//Binding traffic policy to XenMobile Gateway Virtual server

bind vpn vserver _XM_XenMobileGateway -policy vpn_tf_pol -priority 63000


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