XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 4

Package name: xms_10.11.0.10403.bin

For: XenMobile Server 10.11.0

Deployment type: On-premises only

Replaces: xms_10.11.0.10102.bin, xms_10.11.0.10202.bin, and xms_10.11.0.10302.bin

Date: April, 2020

Languages supported: English (US)

Readme version: 1.00

Readme Revision History

Version Date Change Description
1.00 April, 2020 Initial release

Important Notes about This Update

As a best practice, Citrix recommends that you install this and other updates only if you are affected by the specific issues they resolve.

Where to Find Documentation

This document describes the issue(s) resolved by this release and includes installation instructions. For additional product information, see XenMobile Server 10.11 on the Citrix Product Documentation site.

What’s new

For information about XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 1 release, see XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 1.

For information about XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 2 release, see XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 2.

For information about XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 3 release, see XenMobile Server 10.11.0 Rolling Patch 3.

Known Issue(s) in this Release

There are no known issues in this release.

New Fixes in This Update

  1. Role-based access control (RBAC) fails to restrict admins from exporting enrollment invitations to users outside the intended recipient group.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-77610]

  2. User ID on a single device is mapped to several user IDs.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-78011]

  3. Intermittent deadlocks in the database server cause enrollment failures.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-79032]

  4. On XenMobile Server, the automated action of selectively wiping fails when the device is on standby.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-79034]

  5. You can’t use the XenMobile Server console to edit the Exchange device policy.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-79089]

  6. For a few installed apps, the version is blank for the app inventory shown on the Manage > Devices > Device Details page.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-79231]

  7. You can’t use the XenMobile Server console to update the version for some VPP apps. You get the following error: A configuration error occurred. Please try again.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10403.bin][CXM-80399]

Fixes From Replaced Releases

  1. On iOS devices, administrators may lose the ability to send an “unlock device” command to passcode protected devices after the device is upgraded to iOS 13.1.x. To resolve this issue, see https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX262076.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10102.bin][CXM-73152]

  2. Some third-party VPP apps fail to auto-update. This occurred due to blocked hostnames. For more information, see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201999.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-72543]

  3. After enrolling a new device or re-enrolling an old device, an error message intermittently displays on the Manage tab.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-72545]

  4. MAM devices wipe apps and app data because of a failure to get user domain details causing the device to assume the user is deleted.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-72738]

  5. Unable to get the VPP for app version B2B when the platform parameter is incorrectly set in MDM API contentMetadataLookup

    From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-72765]

  6. If the SMTP error “Couldn’t upload report” occurs, Secure Hub for iOS doesn’t send the log information to XenMobile Server.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-74257]

  7. For iOS, location tracking doesn’t work if you do the following: Configure and deploy a location policy, enable tracking from device Security Actions, and then delete the deployed location policy and create a new one.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-74595]

  8. On the XenMobile Server console, when you select the VPP app Standout, you get the following error: “500 Server Internal Error.”

    [From xms_10.11.0.10202.bin][CXM-74694]

  9. On devices running Android Q in Device Administrator mode, you are unable to connect to Secure Hub. You get the following error: Secure Hub could not connect.

    [From xms_10.11.0.10302.bin][CXM-75611]

  10. XenMobile Server experiences a communications error with Apple Deployment Programs (formerly DEP). For more information, see https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX267079.

  11. [From xms_10.11.0.10302.bin][CXM-76049]

Installing This Update

Note: If your system is configured in cluster mode, follow the steps below to update each node, one after the other.

Important: Before installing this update, take a snapshot of the current settings and create a backup of the database.

  1. Log on to your account on the Citrix website and download the XenMobile Server update (.bin) file to an appropriate location.
  2. In the XenMobile Server Console of a node click Settings > Release Management. The Release Management page appears, which displays the currently installed software version, as well as a list of any updates, patches, and upgrades you have already uploaded.
  3. Under Release Management, click Update. The Update dialog box appears.
  4. Click Browse to upload the update (.bin) file you have downloaded from support.citrix.com.
  5. Click Update and then if prompted, restart the XenMobile Server node using command line.

To verify the patch deployment

After installing this patch, log on to the XenMobile Server Console as an administrator, then navigate to Settings > Release Management > Updates. Information about the most recent successful patch installation appears in this section.


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