An MTA database server error was encountered. [{value}{value}{value}{value}] (14)

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 105
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Version: 6.0
Component: Message Transfer Agent
Symbolic Name: MTA00105
Message: An MTA database server error was encountered. [{value}{value}{value}{value}] (14)
The Microsoft Exchange Server disk may be full or a disk error may have occurred. The message transfer agent (MTA) service will stop if the disk is full.
User Action
If the Exchange server disk is full, delete any unneeded files. If you suspect a disk error, run Chkdsk. Verify that the \Exchsrvr\Mtadata directory exists. Stop and restart the MTA service. If the error persists, run the Mtacheck.exe utility. Stop the MTA service, open a command prompt, and type Mtacheck/v /f c:\mta.txt. If Mtacheck removes objects from a database queue, it places each damaged object in a Db*.dat file in \Exchsrvr\Mtadata\Mtacheck.out. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.


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