%1 (%2) %3 Database recovery/restore failed with unexpected error %4.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 454
Source: ESE
Version: 6.5.7596.0
Message: %1 (%2) %3 Database recovery/restore failed with unexpected error %4.

Event ID: 454 is a generic event that indicates there is a problem with a restore, or a problem with a soft or hard recovery of an Exchange Information Store database. The specifics of the problem are indicated by the error code in the Event Description.

Exchange has determined that files in the running set of the database are missing, have been replaced with different versions, or are corrupted.

User Action

To resolve this event, do one or more of the following:

If necessary, perform a database restore or recovery again.

For information about ESE error codes and what they mean, see 266361 XADM: Extensible Storage Engine 98 Error Codes 0 to -1048.


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