: The RPC call to the service to bring the resource online failed.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1011
Source: MSExchangeCluster
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Cluster Service
Message: <name>: The RPC call to the service to bring the resource online failed.

You will receive the following phrase in the Event Description:Cluster service failed the remote procedure call (RPC) to start the resource.

This event does not refer to a specific Exchange resource, or Exchange service. The event most commonly refers to the Exchange System Attendant, Exchange Store, or Routing Engine.

This event is usually associated with related events when the System Attendant fails to come online. It can also been seen as an associated event when other Exchange services fail to come online. There are many reasons for an Exchange resource not to come online. One common reason for the System Attendant resource not to come online is that the System Attendant fails to contact a global catalog server.

User Action

The first step is to check all related events in the application and system logs to determine any associated events that could explain why the resource failed to come online.

In some cases, correcting the root cause of the System Attendant failing to come online has resolved the issue. In other cases, the cause for the failure of the System Attendant to come online has not been able to be determined, and removing and recreating the resource has resolved the issue.


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