() The database engine has begun replaying logfile .

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 301
Source: ESE
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Extensible Storage Engine
Message: <process name> (<process id>) <number>The database engine has begun replaying logfile <file name>.

The database engine has begun replaying logfile [path]\[logfile name].

This event is a common event that is seen both in an online Exchange-aware restore of an information store database, and in an offline restore if there are logfiles that need to be replayed when starting the database.

User Action

In normal circumstances, no user action is required.

Check the application event log in the Microsoft Windows NT Event Viewer for any errors or anomalies that might occur when the database starts. An ESE Event ID 301 is displayed for each log file that is replayed. Watch carefully for errors and warnings during the recovery process. If the restore fails to complete, check the log for corrupt or missing log files. You need to determine exactly where the failure occurred.

The resolution depends on the exact events and errors in the Description of the events and you may need to do further research in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. In some cases, you may need to restore from an earlier backup. If there is no valid backup and only as a last resort after research all other options, you may need to repair the database.


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