() Error occurred while opening logfile .

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 455
Source: ESE
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Extensible Storage Engine
Message: <process name> (<process id>) <storage group name>Error <error code> occurred while opening logfile <file name>.

An error occurred while opening a logfile. The most common Error Code is -1811, which indicates the JET_errFileNotFound. The log file may actually be missing or there may be other causes for this error.

For example, E00.log file may have a mismatching signature between the log and the database. Another reason for Error -1811 includes the Exchange Database and log files may have been put on Network Storage, which is not supported. Also, the checkpoint file may be corrupt, or the log drive itself may have failed.

Another error you may receive may be -1032, which means JET_errFileAccessDenied — in this case, the wrong NTFS permissions on the drive where the log exists may cause this error.

User Action

If the error code is -1032, check the permissions on the log file drive.

If the error code is -1811, check the system event log for indications of hardware problems. A Restore may be required if the problem is media failure.

For more detailed information on resolving both of the errors associated with Event ID 455, click on the link below entitled Microsoft Knowledge Base.


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