%1 (%2) %3 The database engine stopped the instance (%4).

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 103
Source: ESE
Version: 6.5.7596.0
Message: %1 (%2) %3 The database engine stopped the instance (%4).

Event ID 103 frequently occurs with other related events. The following describes these three events.

  • ESE event 102   The database engine started a new instance (Instance #).

  • ESE event 103    The database engine stopped the instance (Instance #).

  • ESE event 104    The database engine stopped an instance (Instance #) with error (Error #).

There is only one Jet database engine, Ese.dll, per server. However, there can be one instance of Jet running per storage group. Event 102 signifies that an instance of Jet has started and indicates which instance has started. Event 103 indicates which instance has stopped. These events can occur in the ordinary operation of a Microsoft® Exchange Server environment, or they may be associated with errors. An error is never mentioned in the description section of event 103. Event 104 definitely indicates that there is a problem and that the named instance of Jet has stopped with a definite error associated with it. The error is named in the description section of event 104.

Event ID 103 has many potential causes. The following are known causes for the database instance stopping with event 103.

  • The database instance failed to apply an Exchange Server service pack for a reinstall or an Exchange-aware restore.

  • The database instance ran out of disk space.

  • The database instance tried to restore multiple storage groups at the same time.

  • The database instance applied an Exchange Server service pack. This caused the Exchange Server databases to be inconsistent.

User Action

To resolve SE Event ID 103, examine related events in the Application log that occur before and after ESE event 103. These related events provide more information about the root cause of this error. The resolution of ESE event 103 depends on the error code in the description of the associated events. For example, if ESE event 104 is logged with this event, the error code in the description of that event provides more information about the cause of that event. For more information about ESE event 104, search for information about that event in the Errors and Events Message Center.


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