The disk is full for database “%1”. Attempting to unmount the database.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1003
Source: MSExchangeIS
Version: 6.5.7596.0
Message: The disk is full for database “%1”. Attempting to unmount the database.

The disk is full. Attempting to dismount the relevant database. The disk is full and the database could not be mounted.

User Action

To resolve this error, free disk space. You can take several actions to free disk space, such as the following:

  • Review Microsoft Exchange Server Analyzer article MSExchangeIS 1003: Insufficient Free Space Remaining on Exchange Database Drive.

  • If the database transaction log files are on the same disk, it is possible that too many log files have accumulated. This situation can be caused by excessive database usage during a mailbox move or other operation, or it can be caused by incorrectly performing backups. The correct method to remove database transaction log files is to perform an online backup. An online backup commits all the log files to the database, and then removes the log files from the disk. For more information about how to remove the database transaction log files, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 240145, How to remove the Exchange Server transaction log files.

  • If the database has become too large for the disk, consider moving the database to a new disk.

  • If there are other files on the disk, consider deleting or moving those files.

  • If there are other Exchange databases on the disk, consider moving those databases.

  • Reclaim disk space in the Exchange database by using the Exchange Server Database Utilities (Eseutil.exe). To determine how much free space is in the database, check event ID number 1221 or 1222. For more information about using Eseutil to defragment the Exchange database, see Eseutil /D Defragmentation Mode.

  • You can use the Database Troubleshooter tool included with Microsoft Exchange 2007 to clean up the database transaction log files or move the Exchange database. You can run the Database Troubleshooter tool from the Toolbox in the Exchange Management Console.

After verifying that your system has sufficient disk space, remount the database, if necessary.


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