The sender for event %1 mailbox %2 MDB %3 is invalid. The event will be ignored.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1016
Source: MSExchange Store Driver
Version: 8.0
Symbolic Name: InvalidSender
Message: The sender for event %1 mailbox %2 MDB %3 is invalid. The event will be ignored.

The Warning event indicates that the store driver tried to deliver a message item. However that action failed. This event may be caused if the sender of the message is identified as not valid.

The store driver is a software component of the Hub Transport server role that delivers inbound messages to Exchange stores. These are the databases that contain public folder and mailbox stores. The store driver also retrieves messages from a user’s outbox and submits them for delivery. For information about the store driver component of Exchange transport, see Transport Architecture.

User Action

To resolve this warning, use the Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 message tracking feature to try to determine the root cause of this warning. For example, search the message tracking log files for messages delivered to the mailbox specified in the event description. For information about tracking messages, see Managing Message Tracking.

If you are not already doing so, consider running the tools that Microsoft Exchange offers to help administrators analyze and troubleshoot their Exchange environment. These tools can help you make sure that your configuration is in line with Microsoft best practices. They can also help you identify and resolve performance issues, improve mail flow, and better manage disaster recovery scenarios. Go to the Toolbox node of the Exchange Management Console to run these tools now. For more information about these tools, see Toolbox in the Exchange Server 2007 Help.


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