Unexpected error %1 occurred.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1005
Source: MSExchangeSA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Message: Unexpected error %1 occurred.

Event ID 1005 in the application log is often accompanied by the problem of the System Attendant not starting.

  • Domain Name System issues. For example, DNS may not be configured correctly on the Exchange server. This is particularly possible if there is more than one Network Card on the server.

  • System Attendant Service configured to start with some other account and not the Local System Account.

  • Exchange Domain Servers Global Security Group may be missing, may have been moved to another container, or may have permissions on it modified.

  • File and Print Sharing may be disabled. NetBIOS over TCP/IP may be disabled.

  • NetBIOS TCP/IP Helper Service may be disabled.

User Action
  • Check DNS Settings on the server and ensure that they are correct.

  • Ensure that the System Attendant service is starting with the Local System Accountant.

  • Ensure that the Exchange Domain Servers Global Security Group is present in the USERS Container.

  • Ensure that File and Print Sharing and NetBIOS over TCP/IP are not disabled.

  • Ensure that the TCP/IP Helper Service is not disabled.


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