The connectivity verifier “%1” reported an error when trying to connect to %2.Reason: %3.

Product: Internet Security and Acceleration Server
Event ID: 21137
Source: Microsoft Firewall
Version: 4.0.3443.594
Component: ISA Server Services
Message: The connectivity verifier “%1” reported an error when trying to connect to %2.Reason: %3.
This event occurs when the connection between the ISA Server computer and the specified destination server cannot be established using the requested verification method. A connectivity verifier may fail to connect to a destination for one of the following reasons:
The server you are trying to verify connectivity with may not be responding. The server or service running on the machine may be malfunctioning or over flooded.If all connectivity verifiers are failing, the ISA Server computer may not be connected properly to the network or there may be a networking-related configuration problem (e.g. wrong routing configuration).The DNS server is unreachable. Therefore, ISA Server can not resolve the DNS name and cannot know which IP address to connect.The name of the specified destination can not be resolved, ISA Server cannot know which IP address to connect.
User Action
Verify that the ISA Server computer is connected to the network.To find out if this is a DNS problem, try running: ???ping ???a ???. If ping can???t resolve the IP address of the given destination, then this is a DNS problem. Running ping to the destination server also validates network connectivity. If the server responds to ping sent from the ISA Server computer, then this is not a network connectivity problem. Note that if the destination computer does not respond to ping, there may still be a network connectivity issue. A firewall, for example, running on the destination computer may block ping requests. Check that the destination computer is functional. You can try to connect to it from a different server.Use ISA Server logging feature to determine if the connection request was denied by a policy rule.


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