No client computers have successfully contacted the WSUS server.

Product: .NET Framework
Event ID: 13051
Source: Windows Server Update Services
Version: 2.0.50727
Symbolic Name: HealthClientsExistYellow
Message: No client computers have successfully contacted the WSUS server.
If one or more clients have been set up for a given WSUS server, they should report to that server within 24 hours.
User Action
No Clients Reporting

Try one or all of the following resolutions:

  • Check the configuration of clients.
  • Check connectivity from the client machine to the WSUS server and debug any issue found before proceeding to the next step.
  • Open a command shell.
  • Force a group policy update (if client machine is in a domain): type gpupdate /force
  • Force a detection: type wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow
  • Wait 10 minutes for a detection cycle to finish before verification.

Some clients have been affected by a known issue in with Windows Server 2003 http.sys and IIS. In some cases this transient issue will prevent clients from checking in, because they receive invalid responses from the server after a number of attempts. Further information about the issue and the hotfix can be found at

See the client self-update troubleshooting suggestions in

Note: Failure of clients to contact the server is not related to compression. Administrators should not disable IIS compression, because allowing non-compressed data can increase network traffic and server load, while reducing the number of clients that can be served effectively.


  • Open a command window.
  • Type cd <WSUSInstallDir>\Tools
  • Type wsusutil checkhealth
  • Type eventvwr
  • Review the Application log for the most recent events from source Windows Server Update Services and event id 13050.
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